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Neap Tide -- A tide in which the difference between high and low tide is the least.


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What is the Neapcoin?

The Neapcoin is named after the Neap Tide which is a coastal tidal condition where the least change between high tide and low tide occurs. At it's essence Neapcoin seeks to reduce the "highs and lows" that create financial boom and bust cycles and to continually outpace global inflation.

Neapcoin is different from cryptocurrencies in that a person is not required to "mine" or "code break" in order to recieve new digital coin.

How will Neapcoin change everything?

Neapcoin, like other digital currencies, offers 100% annoymity during all transactions. Neapcoin can go beyond this pleadge by offering secure servers, located in North Sudan, that are free from interferance from non-privacy loving governments.

The heart of Neapcoin is how the introduction of new currency will always outpace global inflation. The net result provides a currency that keeps all money held in Neapcoin ahead of inflationary loss. Your money will grow at a predicable pace as dictated by the bi-annual devidend issuance of new Neapcoin.

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Technical Aspects : SAMPLE TEXTS From Sally :)

No Premine, Instamine, IPO etc..
Algorithms: SHA, Scrypt, X11
Proof of Work only
Block Time: 40 sec
Reward per Block: 5 DGC
Reward Info: Rewards grew from 0 to 20, then reduced to 15 and cut down to 5 after V3.
Reward Halving: Reward halves every three years
Difficulty: Every algorithm has its own Difficulty, it readjusts every block. Max 40% down and 20% up per block.
Difficulty Info: Difficulty started at 0.00024414
Algorithm Control: If the last three blocks were discovered by the same algorithm, the fourth block will be rejected until its found by one of the other two algorithms. This prevents directed attacks on the network from any single algorithm.
Total Coins: 48,166,000 DGC
Default RPC Port: 7998
Default P2P Port: 7999